By Shakespeare Muzavazi

The Kingdom of Christ church is expected to host a unique woman’s conference dubbed the Anti- Small house campaign end of this month at KCC hall in Buchwa .

Scheduled to kick-start on the 3Oth of June and end on the 2nd of July the Kingdom woman conference will run under the theme Small House Must die.

According to a poster distributed by members of the Kingdom of Christ church congregants, the kingdom woman’s conference will be hosted by Pastor Sarah Chirenje.

In an interview, Pastor Sarah Chirenje argued that the church is the social structure that can end the rampant infidelity bedevilling contemporary society.

“The church through the preaching of the word of God can conquer every social evil and bring sanity to a world that is now filled with so much infidelity and corruption.

“As the prayer warriors of our families, we women should unite against small houses and put an end to the evil that has caused the destruction of many marriages, she said.

Pastor Chirenje also blamed women for abusing each other by taking each other’s husbands.

“Most of the times women take each other’s husbands sei tisinganzwirani tsisti, unowona mukadzi achitora  murume weumwe odya mari Mhuri yeuya atorerwa murume inosara ichitambura,” translated, women are not compassionate on each other, you see a woman snatching another woman’s husband and enjoy the financial benefits of the relationship while her fellow in the other home will be languishing in abject poverty, bemoaned Pastor Chirenje.

The conference will feature prominent preachers like Pastor Grace Madondo and Prophetess Deborah and the main theme of the preachers will come from Ezra 10 vs 10 and Mathew 25 vs 26.