There are reports of chaos at Harare’s biggest port of entry after the Robert Mugabe International Airport tower controllers embarked on industrial action.

Sources say no planes have been cleared since 8am.

Reports coming from Harare indicate that members of the Air Force of Zimbabwe are moving in to take over the Robert Mugabe International airport after the air traffic controllers downed tools on Tuesday morning.

As expected the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe(CAAZ) has denied reports that the air space has been closed and that their workers had gone on strike.

In a statement released on Tuesday CAAZ said, “Our attention has been drawn to some reports circulating on various media platforms this morning. Our airspace is open and flights are operating as normal.”

Professor Jonathan Moyo dismissed the statement by CAAZ and said there was a sabotage that was done to crash the radar system.

“Lies. You cannot fool all the people at any one time. Your radar system crushed this morning and affected flights amid claims of suspected sabotage!” Professor Moyo said.