The Chitungwiza community has been left in a state of shock after a 13 year old  girl(some say she is 12) committed suicide under unclear circumstances.

The death of the Chitungwiza teenager has left residents with more questions than answers with many yet to come to terms with the reality of the incident.

While the cause of the death is yet to be confirmed neighbours believe that the girl committed suicide as a result of a suspected pregnancy case while the other theory is that she had failed her grade seven examinations.

The family is also not yet prepared to comment on the issue, choosing to make it private.

Neighbours were only open to speak about the incident off camera.

“We are shocked about this tragedy and the circumstances which led to her death are not clear, we are still trying to figure out what really transpired,” a neighbour said.

The girl’s body has been taken for a post mortem.

The incident which occurred around 6pm in Unit C, Chitungwiza on Monday, 25 November, was first reported by a journalist.