Tinashe Zisengwe 

Ntshangasi villagers under Chief Gwasela in Zhombe area in shock after a python which is more than 1.5 metres long was found on top of a grave two weeks ago.

The villagers most of whom a superstitious have explained the rare act as witchcraft. The snake also hasn’t moved an inch since it was spotted.

As strange as it sounds, the snake has not eaten anything since the first day it was seen, meaning it hasn’t eaten anything in 14 days.

Chief Gwasela said when they discovered that the snake was not moving, they thought it had swallowed its prey but they later on discovered that its tummy was flat meaning it hadn’t eaten anything.

“I was called by the village head who informed me that they had spotted a very huge python on top of a grave next to his homestead and that the snake was not moving. The first thing we did was to call the Parks and Wildlife personnel to catch the snake but they haven’t come,” said Chief Gwasela.

“We also tried giving it live rabbits, hens as well as goat kids but it does not even bother eating. It just looks at the animals and it lets them go,” he said.

Chief Gwasela also said the villagers wanted to burn the snake but they were scared their actions could backfire.

“Villagers also tried pelting it with stones and logs, but no matter how much they hit it, it still remained stationery.

The villagers at some point wanted to burn it to death but they were advised by a sangoma that their actions could backfire. As part of their daily routine, villagers check on the snake every day in anticipation that it would have moved or died but none of the two would have happened,” said Chief Gwasela.