Actress and new mother Zenande Mfenyana put a quick stop to a Twitter troll who attempted to body shame her for her post-pregnancy body, and her fans had no choice but to stan!

Zenande has been swimming in compliments on Twitter for her fire acting since she returned as Goodness Mabuza on The Queen. However, one troll tried to dim her light by commenting how “big” her tummy is on screen.

Zenande didn’t take kindly to the tweet and in a now deleted tweet, shot out a scathing reply.

“F*** off! Did you grow a human being inside of you! Stop being such a d***!” Zenande hit back.

Zenande then chose to direct her attention to the love flooding her TL.

Goodness has been going through the most and recently the Khoza family has been trying to get back her child, who was kidnapped for ransom.

On Twitter, the actress shared a happy moment with her followers and told them she randomly received a call from veteran broadcaster Noxolo Grootboom complimenting her performance on the Mzansi Magic telenovela.

“Lenna! Mam’ Noxolo Grootboom watches The Queen and she just called now to give me a compliment. Wow, my life.”

Here are a few tweets from people who echoed Mama Noxolo’s sentiments: