The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) spokesperson Jasper Mangwana whose allegiance to the ruling party ZANU PF is well documented says he prefers patriotism to democracy.

ZEC is Zimbabwe’s electoral governing body, and according to the law it has to be apolitical.

Meanwhile, renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has bemoaned double standards by Mangwana.

Commenting on Mangwana’s post saying he hates democracy, Chin’ono says:

“This is the spokesman of Zimbabwe’s elections body ZEC

“Mangwana Jasper says he doesn’t like Democracy which includes voting.

“I prefer patriotism over democracy especially current situation in Zimbabwe.”

Chin’ono queries how can such a person be a ZEC Commissioner:

“How can he be a ZEC commissioner if he doesn’t believe in democracy?”

In some of his posts, Mangwana mocks opposition parties in support of the ruling party.