A ZCC Wangamurena bishop was recently killed in a funeral service vehicle accident after a mysterious snake is said to have appeared from underneath the driver’s seat causing the car to veer off the road and ram into a tree.
Bishop Ezekiel Mapuranga died on the spot when a South African registered funeral service vehicle he was a passenger in on June 07 lost control along the Rutenga-Chikombedzi Road.
The driver of the vehicle, a South African national, is said to have been rushed to his country for treatment.
The funeral service vehicle was coming from Gutu on its way back to South Africa but had to divert to Chikombedzi to offer assistance to another vehicle which had broken down.
Bishop Mapuranga was buried last week at Mariot Ranch in Ward 13.
A relative to Bishop Mapuranga named Renias Shoko told agencies that the circumstances leading to the accident were puzzling.
“I heard that due to concerns over Covid-19, the driver of the vehicle was immediately rushed to his home country where he is being treated.
“However, when we went to collect the body of our relative for burial, I managed to get the driver’s contact details. He indeed told me that upon seeing that the snake was underneath his legs, he panicked and lost control of the car causing the fatal accident,” said Shoko.
The late Bishop is survived by two wives and 13 children.
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