Suspected illegal miners were reportedly hired by ZANU PF youth political commissar Tsungai Makumbe to attack Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa on Wednesday last week.

CCC officials told a local source that they saw Makumbe blocking Chamisa with his Toyota Fortuner from entering Bindura for his rally.

“The violent Makumbe had illegal miners in his car and tried to block our President the illegal miners who disembarked from his car holding catapults and stones were outnumbered by our youths and they ran away,” the source said.

Chamisa managed to address his supporters in Bindura and promised them victory despite the harassment from the ruling party.

Efforts to contact Makumbe were fruitless as he did not answer his mobile phone.

However, Makumbe is not new to violence, last year he assaulted a police officer and during the just-ended ZANU PF primary elections he was moving around parading his pistol.