ZANU PF wins  Ward 20 Binga Rural District Council by-election that was held on Saturday 03 December 2022. The ruling party’s Muleya Mulando defeated Citizens Coalition for Change candidate, Munkuli Crispen.


I Mukuli Peter, being the Ward Elections Officer for Ward 20 of Binga Rural District Council/Town Council/ Municipality do hereby declare that I have, in accordance with the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] and the regulations made thereunder, ascertained the results of the poll for the said ward, and that they have been given Muleya Luyando (ZANU PF) – 945 VotesMunkuli Crispen (CCC) – 546 Votes,

And that I, therefore, declare the said Muleya Luyando this day 03/12/22 to be duly elected Councilor for ward 20 of Binga Rural District Council / Town-Council / Municipality.

There were 29 Spoilt Ballot Papers (Rejected Ballot Papers).

The percentage poll was 55.27.