HARARE – Alleged Zanu PF activists Sunday attacked Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Daniel Molokele and further undressed some women activists who were carrying out a party campaign during a Matobo by-election campaign.

In a series of posts via her private Twitter handle Sunday, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere also claimed some party activists were injured in the violence.

“We’ve just received a report that Hon @molokele & a group of CCC mobilizers have been attacked by a group of Zanu PF thugs who were in a 7-vehicle convoy. They’ve since fled for cover into a nearby bush. We condemn this orgy of violence unleashed by Zanu PF,” Mahere said.

Mahere also said “ZANU PF thugs undressed CCC women community organizers during their orgy of violence this afternoon in Ward 2 Matobo”.

She also posted images of bicycles of village community leaders that were allegedly damaged during the violence.

The CCC spokesperson said the community leaders “were attacked by Zanu PF thugs while running out by election campaign in ward 2 Matobo. They were badly beaten and their bicycles deflated”.

Innocent passers-by who had nothing to do with the party activity were also caught in the violence.

Added Mahere, “We have received a report about a woman who was driving her own vehicle unaware that there’s a by election. She is from Gwanda. ZANU PF thugs beat her to pulp and asked her to roll on the ground. Her only crime was that she was wearing a yellow dress.”

ZimLive could not readily reach police spokesperson Paul Nyathi for comment.

Violence has been a badge of shame to Zimbabwean elections with monthly reports by independent group, Zimbabwe Peace Project often linking much of the attacks on Zanu PF perpetrators and the state security apparatus.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has often been accused by opponents of continued reluctance to deal with violence amid complaints a lot of party activists linked to the attacks receive protection from the state. -Zimlive