Pressure group Team Pachedu says the ruling party, ZANU PF is terrorising villagers in rural areas ahead of the much anticipated general elections set for 23 August.

Team Pachedu says the ruling party is doing so through traditional leaders.

“Rural areas are under siege from ZanuPF via traditional leaders.

“We are getting many reports of how village heads will be marshalling rural voters on polling day.

“Many in Mutasa Central will have Zanupf youths voting for them,” says the pressure group.

According to Team Pachedu this is happening across the country’s ten provinces.

Team Pachedu went on to single out one such traditional leader:

“Chief Nhema of Zaka is intimidating villagers.

“He is holding a meeting tomorrow at Madondo primary school where villagers will be instructed on how to queue while some will be told to seek assistance.

“If you are in Masvingo please go & stop this illegal meeting.”