ZANU PF has saluted Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa for saying this time there is no room for vote rigging by the ruling party.

Chamisa told thousands of his supporters at a rally recently that he has closed all loopholes which were allegedly used by ZANU PF to rig previous elections.

In response ZANU PF urged Zimbabweans to take note of Chamisa’s sentiments saying after elections he shouldn’t cry foul that the election had been rigged against him and his party.

“Well said Mr Chamisa

“Come 2023 August elections, we will remember this statement. (See attached)

“ZANU PF never had room for rigging.

“No one should claim rigging as an excuse for defeat,” said ZANU PF Patriots.

Even exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo implied the same, by retweeting the same story.