Citizens Coalition for Change CCC deputy national chairperson, Job Sikhala says the ruling party ZANU-PF is planning to have 32 MPs recalled from Parliament ahead of the do or die polls set for 2023.

“ZANU PF has instructed the recalling of more proportional representation MPs & Senators including Mai Makone & Rwambiwa.

“32 elected MPs of 2018, are going to be recalled enmass in September when it will be impossible to hold by elections.

“Kwayi toda kuita utsinye mukaure,” he says.

Meanwhile, the CCC despite being a new party, emerged victorious from the just ended by-elections which came as a result of recalls.

Movement for Democratic Change- Tsvangirai led by Douglas Mwonzora recalled MPs from the the then Nelson Chamisa led Movement for Democratic Change Alliance.