The High Court has interdicted Zanu-PF deputy youth secretary Mr  Kudzayi Chipanga from threatening war veterans with violence before ordering him to pay costs of the suit on a higher scale. Cde Chipanga allegedly threatened former freedom fighters with violence during an address to a group of youths, a day before a failed war veterans meeting in Harare last week.

On Tuesday, Chipanga declared war on veterans of the liberation struggle whom he described as “sickening rabble-rousers”. He said they stood no chance against the youths. He said the youths “outnumbered” the liberation war fighters and were not afraid to fight them.

He also threatened to mobilise the youths to demonstrate against The Herald for alleged “biased reporting”. Justice Jester Charewa yesterday ruled against Chipanga in a case in which the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) was challenging the conduct of the youth leader in threatening and denigrating freedom fighters last week.