In the wake of the death of Victoria Chitepo, Zimbabwe opposition leader Tendai Biti has just starred a hornet’s nest when he asserted that Zanu PF is shedding crocodile tears for Victoria Chitepo as they were responsible for the assassination of her late husband Herbert Chitepo in Zambia during the armed struggle.

Chitepo was killed in a car bomb in 1975.

At the time Zambia leader Kenneth Kaunda suspected that it was an inside job.

After Chitepo’s death, Kaunda then ordered the arrest and detention of many Zanu leaders including Josiah Tongogara.

“Zanu PF was responsible for the death of the late great Chitepo,” Biti said.

He also fingered the rulling party as responsible for the death of Solomon Mujuru.

President Mugabe will bury Victoria Chitepo alongside Vivian Mwashita tomorrow at the National Heroes Acre.

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