Suspected Zanu PF hooligans have defaced two billboards promoting CCC presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa in Bulawayo.

The vandalism happened either on Monday night or in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

CITE reported that one of the vandalised billboards was on 15th Avenue, opposite the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre, while the other was in Queens Park East Suburb.

CCC official Swithern Chirowodza told CITE that the use of fire by the suspects should have attracted the attention of security services but that was not the case. He said:

The use of fires to destroy property would under normal circumstances have attracted the attention of police and the army but it has not.

We have been watching the situation since morning and there has been no reaction from the security sector. That on its own tells us a story.

The arson from our point of view, that is judging from the debris left on the crime scene, is a notch above ordinary civilian capability.

He said the opposition believes the destruction of their billboards was being done by people who have the backing of state security.

Recently, a senior police officer in Midlands province was berated by Deputy Minister of Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Barbara Rwodzi after a ZANU PF activist was arrested for allegedly destroying CCC posters.