After being used and dumped by China, President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF is left with no option than to deal with enemies, European Union countries.

While Zimbabwe is burning, Mugabe sent his lieutenants to Europe to beg for money amidst protests and violent demonstrations  in Beitbridge and Harare.

A government source told Zim News reporters that Zimbabwe’s leader and his team are in a panic mode.

“Mugabe is desperate to get some financial deals done with western donors to  soften civil servants who are planning a mass protest against salary delays tomorrow,” said the source on condition of anonymity.

There is also a general countrywide strike by other unaffiliated groups(hashtag demos) planned for 6 July this week.

They are united under the now famous hashtags #Mugabe Must Fall #This flag#Tajamuka(we are rebelling)#Mugabe Must Go Now

To make matters worse, the once reliable Zimbabwe Republic Police is over stretched and sometimes getting overran and outmanoeuvred by unarmed demonstrators as seen in Beitbridge and Harare where dozens of officers were disarmed and thoroughly beaten by demonstrators, see pictures below.

Riot Policeman beaten in harare

ZRP Policeman disarmed, beaten and harassed by Harare rioters

Harare policeman wounded

Battle of Harare.. Zimbabwe Police Officer injured

Zanu PF Ministers begging for UK money

Zimbabwe Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa and Zanu PF billionaire Obert Mpofu are currently in London UK begging for international donations to help government raise funds for civil servants salaries.

The Zanu PF team was booed and harassed by exiled Zimbabwean demonstrators in London today who were only stopped from manhandling them by a vigilant British police.

Patrick Chinamasa has admitted that Zimbabwe is broke. ‘Right now we have nothing’, he said on a visit to France to beg for money. Asked in an interview how much credit he was looking for he said ‘there is no limit’.

Zimbabwean Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa in london pictures

Pic..Zanu PF’s Chinamsa begs for British cash to pay angry civil servants