Citizens Coalition for Change -CCC- president Nelson Chamisa says politicians should desist from defiling places of worship and respect the sanctity of such areas.

“Politicians must desist from defiling places of worship and prayer by bringing contaminating toxicity and politics…turning holy ground into hunting ground for votes and political advocacy & canvassing,” he says.

Chamisa adds:

“All politicians who visit church gatherings for political grandstanding should sincerely introspect and check if they are in their lane.

“Let’s go to church to worship and praise God Almighty and seek God’s blessings rather than turn Church gatherings into political rallies.”

His comments comes at the time President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been hooping for one church to the other.

In most cases the church service would be turned into a sort of a rally with congregants professing allegiance to the ruling party.