Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says the highly spoken Pomona energy deal is only but a scam as it can not power a suburb the size of Eastlea.

He adds that the Pomona Waste to Energy Project is grossly overrated and over-priced as a power generation project, but the government is acting like it’s all normal.

“For your information, the peak load for Harare is about 500MW, and that plant (15MW) cannot supply the suburb of Eastlea at peak loading.

“The purported cost of $240M for 15MW is scandalous beyond belief.”

Mliswa says Local Government minister July Moyo who is at the center of the Pomona deal should be investigated, adding that if the law enforcement organisations cannot protect the public from corrupt officials, particularly Ministers, then the country is doomed.

“Alternatively, he abuses his position in forcing councils and giving orders to his proxies. In his world there are no limits as to what he must do. The most worrying thing is that he is openly conflicted and he is not bothered at all.

“Circumventing the tender processes must understandably be done in emergency procurement situations. Minister Moyo’s modus operandi seems to be of misleading Cabinet in awarding of contracts to his cronies,” he adds.