A GLEN Norah woman died nine days before her lobola day, which had been set for tomorrow.

The incident occurred last Monday when Blessing Mutseta collapsed and died a few metres from their house.

She was buried on Tuesday.

Some residents are still shocked by her mysterious death.

“Kuno kwaita zvishamiso, a lady died (Monday) maskati abva kurandutsira vanhu vairwa kuti musadaro mourayana, after a few steps she fell and died.

“She is said to have been in possession of US$4000 yaakabatiswa neboyfriend yake (for the lobola), which had been set for February 28.”

Another source said the in-laws were ready for the lobola ceremony.

“The-in laws were ready but I heard that they were now asking kuti anga akaisa pai mari?”

However, her brother Nyasha disputed all these claims.

“All these rumours, which are circulating on social media, are not true, my sister is dead.

“The truth is that after Blessing collapsed and died, we took her to the mortuary where she was pronounced dead.

“The following morning one of our neighbours then approached our family claiming that we should quickly rush back to the mortuary because the ancestral spirits had told her that Blessing was still alive.

“As a family, we all agreed to go and check but we arrived soon after the doctors had completed a post-mortem,” he said.

He claimed that Blessing was in good health and her sudden death was shocking.

“l have never been in a tough situation in my life like this one, l don’t even know if am able to heal from this pain.

“The pain hurts so much that l don’t even know what to do now. My sister was not sick, she was in good health.”

On the day Blessing collapsed, she was restraining her brother from a fight.

“Blessing was cooking in the house when she heard some noise coming from outside and she went outside trying to reason with the people who were fighting with her brother to stop, since her brother was drunk.

“As she was walking back to the house, she then collapsed and died on the spot,” said Nyasha.

Nyasha also confirmed that her sister was supposed to get married this month and preparation were at an advanced stage.

“She was busy preparing for her lobola ceremony and the dates were already set,” he said.

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