In an incident that has left Silobela residents mouths agape, a nurse at their district hospital gruesomely bashed a female patient who had just undergone surgical treatment for an incomplete miscarriage, accusing her of having been impregnated by her husband.

This came to light when Ms Ludia Nyamangondo (33) approached the Bulawayo High Court challenging the instituting of disciplinary proceedings against her for alleged misconduct by the Health Service Board (HSB).

According to papers before the court, Ms Nyamangondo assaulted Ms Mutambara following an altercation over a boyfriend on August 5, 2017 at around 6.30PM.

In her statement, Ms Nyamangondo said she slapped Ms Mutambara once on the face.
She said she was angered by the fact that the woman had unprotected sex with her “husband” oblivious of the dangers of contracting HIV.

“When I was informed by a colleague that my husband’s girlfriend was admitted to the hospital ward, I went to see her so that we could talk over the issue. However, when I got there we had a misunderstanding and I got emotional and failed to control my anger.

I then slapped her once because I was pained by the fact that she had unprotected sex with my husband resulting in her falling pregnant,” she said.

“As a married couple, I have a duty to fulfil as a wife and because of my husband’s actions, there was also a risk of contracting HIV. To make matters worse, my husband is not even taking care of our child,” she said.

Ms Nyamangondo was charged by her employer for misconduct in terms of section 44 (2) of the Health Service Regulations.Chronicle