Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa has saluted the media saying it is the oxygen of the society.

In his message marking the World Press Freedom Day, Chamisa urged media practitioners to keep up the good work of informing the nation.

“On this day, World Press Freedom Day, we remember and celebrate the work of all ethical journalists.

“We thank you for your sterling work, as the oxygen of society. Keep informing,” he said.

However, Chamisa bemoaned the constricted media space in Zimbabwe.

“It is a tragedy that Zimbabwe only has one TV station. We will change and fix this tragedy,” he said.

World Press Freedom Day is commemorated on the 3rd of May every year.

It is to honour the good work done by the media.

This year’s theme is “Journalism under digital siege”.

This year’s theme not only highlights the ways that endanger journalism but also the consequences of all this on public trust over digital communications.

Mostly, it focuses on the risks faced by journalists by surveillance and digitally-mediated attacks.

The origin of World Press Day dates back to 1991, when an African Journalist present at a UNESCO conference in Windhoek, which was based on ‘Promoting an Independent and Pluralistic African Media’, opened up about an idea to encourage press free domin different parts of the world.