The ruling party through one of its social media platforms, ZANU PF Patriots have warned Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa that he risk being jailed if he calls for Zimbabwe’s invasion by foreign armies.

ZANU PF Patriots was commenting on the Patriotic Bill which was recently passed in Parliament.

“Chamisa should have gone to Chikurubi but he went home.

“Chamisa called for invasion of Zimbabwe by the USA to remove a constitutionally elected government.

“If he repeats this, he will be locked up,” says ZANU PF Patriots.

Apparently, by passing the Patriotic Bill Zimbabwe’s parliament has allegedly outlawed criticism of the government ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections in August, with violations of a new law punishable by up to 20 years in jail.

The Criminal Law Code Amendment Bill, widely known as the “Patriotic Bill”, contains a clause that criminalises “wilfully damaging the sovereignty and national interest of Zimbabwe”.

In August 2020, a motion on the need for a Patriot Bill was tabled in the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

The fundamental reason behind the bill’s proposal is to promote and guard the country’s national interests through criminalising acts that campaign against Zimbabwe, including—but not limited to—private correspondence with foreign governments or any officer or agent thereof, false statements influencing foreign governments, or any other such conduct aimed at undermining the country.

The law will allow the National Prosecuting Authority to institute criminal prosecution against anyone who, in its discretion, is undermining the country or using false statements to paint a certain bad picture of Zimbabwe to foreign governments.