Tinashe Zisengwe

A picture of a desperate woman captured recently while kneeling before three policemen in Gweru pleading for leniency after being impounded has since gone viral.

The unidentified woman was traveling together with the husband and picked up passengers at an undesignated place near Cathedral Hall in Gweru resulting in the police impounding the vehicle.

A witness to the drama said the police ordered the couple to pay a $50 fine or they would impound the car resulting in the woman kneeling down begging for mercy from the defiant police officers.

The woman spent at least 30 minutes pleading with the cops who could not entertain her issue leading to the hopeless woman to kneel down.

Scores of people who were at the scene had no kind words for the law enforcement agents describing them as having taking their duties too far.

“Yes we understand varipabasa but havafanire kubva vashayawo moyo ukaona munu wechikuru kudai worse wechidzimai akuita zvekukumbira it means zvakaoma she can’t be pretending for any reason,” said a concerned citizen only identified as Papa Lodza.

Blaz Jonah a passerby described the cops stance as hogwash and wayward.

Kana ndiniwo ungagwwadamisa amai vako nekuda kwebasa uuum tsika hatichina idi l hope the Lord will curse these gentlemen,” he said.