SIZE matters after all!

A Jotsholo woman dumped her husband in court bringing their bedroom matters to the public.

Nothando Moyo (34) said she was leaving her husband Qhubani Mhlanga (42) because he has a small penis that hardly rose to the occasion because of its relatively small size.

“He has a small pen!s and I hardly enjoy it,” she said.

But to improve their se_x life Moyo claimed to have at times tried to address the issue but was greeted with scorn.

“I have had enough of him. When I try to talk to him he gets angry and that leads to a quarrel and at the height of it he would beat me saying I am the one who locked him. I seek to end this marriage,” she said.

Mhlanga blames his wife for his situation.

Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku referred the pair for counselling and ordered them to come back on 18 May.