Willard Katsande says his whole life flashed before his eyes on Tuesday evening after a close shave with death at the hands of three hijackers.

The former Kaizer Chiefs tough-as-teak midfielder was near Southgate Mall – located at the gateway to Soweto – with his 22-year-old nephew Kelvin Katsande when they were accosted by three men around 18h30.

Just over an hour prior, he had been unable to purchase material for his Boss Ya Mboka brand and thought he would do it the following. The supplier had insisted on cash payment, and the Sekhukhune midfield grafter had withdrawn R9700 to pay.

“We were near Southgate Mall, I was standing outside the car, and my nephew was inside. Three men came to us with guns; they aggressively put me down. They dragged me on my knees on the tar; I have bruises from the dragging.

“I could feel the barrel of a gun at the back of my head and thought that was the end of my life. The other one pulled me with my private parts. It was a horrific experience,” the former Zimbabwe international told FARPost.

The hijackers sped off with the BMW X6, three iPhones and R9700 cash. However, the tracking company recovered the car, although Katsande was told it had been damaged.

“We went to the police station and alerted the tracking company. I’m told the car was recovered in Eldorado Park, but they say it’s damaged. I’ll see it later on,” he said.

Katsande has since pleaded with his clients who ordered his merchandise to bear with him since the merchandise was taken with the car.

“I’m worried about the clients who paid for their orders. I want them to know that I will attend to their orders. I plead with them to bear with me as I sort this out. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience,” he said.

The unfortunate incident happens barely 10 months after he was involved in a road rage incident. He was ambushed and assaulted by an unknown man in a road rage incident in August last year in Roodepoort on the West Rand.

“I’m not okay mentally; this happens a few months after that road rage incident,” the 36-year-old said. farspost