Blessings Chidakwa

A Lower Gweru woman from Chief Sogwala’s area is lucky to be alive after her husband recently sliced her with a machete on her neck for allegedly intervening in a conversation where he was negotiating for a bottle of Super Chibuku.

It is reported that on January 30 this year Benjamin Mupanduki of Madigane business Centre was asking for money to buy beer from his sister’s wife, Lilian Mupasa, who said she was broke as she is currently unemployed.

This infuriated Benjamin who started exchanging words with Lilian leading to misunderstanding between the duo.

Loreta Mupasa (wife) then tried to refrain the two but this angered the husband who felt challenged and drew a machete from his trousers which he used to strike his wife on the neck as well as on the right hand.

Loreta sustained minor injuries.

A medical report was produced in court as an exhibit.

Appearing before Magistrate Shotgame Musaiona Benjamin was slapped with 24 months imprisonment of which 12 were suspended for five years on condition of good behavior.