Samson Muchirahondo
A Shurugwi man left court attendees in shock, after he appeared before Shurugwi Resident Magistrate Mr Sangster Tavengwa for severely beating his wife who had asked him for some money to buy groceries in front of his beer mates.

Brighton Chikulo (28)of house number 393 Makusha was arraigned before the courts for physical abuse as defined in Section 4 of the Domestic Violence Act (Chapter 09 :23).

Prosecuting, Mrs Bertha Bore told the court that, on August 12 2018 at around 0415 hrs,Tsitsi Mazivanhenga (32) who happens to be the accused wife went to a neighboring house where there was a funeral to search for her husband who had not reported home the previous night.

However, Mazivanhenga did not find her husband at the funeral. Then upon returning she met her husband along the way in the company of three man and two ladies identified as their girlfriends.

She then proceeded to greet her husband and asked for money to buy some groceries.

That is when her husband turned back to her and grabbed her by the collar before stoning her three times on the head and several times on her thighs leaving the complainant severely injured
Magistrate Tavengwa sentenced Chikulo to 12 months in prison,three months of which were suspended for three years on condition of good behavior.