Wicknell Chivayo marries South African woman, blasts Zimbabwe girls

There are rumours doing rounds on social media suggesting that business tycoon, Wicknell Chivayo, has married a Zulu village girl.

Chivayo attacked Zimbabwe women on Facebook as he made the announcement that ‘he is now husband’ to a South African woman.

“We had a good discussion and she(Zulu woman) asked why can’t you marry back home I said I think most of our ZIMBABWEAN girls are very disrespectful and stubborn. I said to her as a matter of principle NO WEALTHY man wants a girl that’s EVERYWHERE doing EVERYTHING with EVERYONE…besides the fact I’m mostly attracted to intelligence,” he said.

Meanwhile, Eternal Word Ministries  preacher and marriage counsellor Dr. Amai Lucia Gunguwo has blasted Wicknell Chivhayo over marrying a foreigner saying it brings more problems to the nation and himself.

She warned the young millionaire not to dump himself to lazy women outside the country as they are there for his money.

“If that money disappears that lady will go with wealth and his children. Marrying foreigners is giving your power and children to other nations,” she said.

Social media users have also warned Chivayo that the Zulu woman will not do him any good.

“You are literally digging your own grave,” said one Harare woman.