Saviour’s province is Mugabe’s stronghold so he is not foolish to act without assessing the impact first.

Zimbabwe’s aged but calculative President Robert Mugabe has loosened his under fire minister Saviour Kasukuwere, on bail as he works out a plan to deal with him, at least for now or forever.

Kasukuwere’s province is Mugabe’s stronghold so he is not foolish to act without assessing the impact first.

Kasukuwere’s is expected to only know his fate after the party’s highest organs the politburo and Central Committee meet this week where his issue and others are expected to be tabled.

Mugabe came out at Kasukuwere’s defence yesterday when he took a swipe at some members of his party for taking turns to wash their dirty linen in public. He urged them to use proper channels and said demonstrations were a primitive way of doing things.

He said people should bent more on improving the citizens’ lives rather than trying to bring each other down. “It is not that I support what Kasukuwere is alleged to have been doing, but, there is a way of correcting him,” he said.

The President however, added that ZANU PF is a dignified party that if it were to punish someone it can do just that even to the extent of dismissing him.

This move by Mugabe could have being guided by the fact that he is aware of not rocking the boat that much, more so taking into account that Kasukuwere’s province is one of his stronghold from time immemorial.

Over the years, Mashonaland Central had been a no go area for opposition parties. It has gone to the extent that even if one person were to vote for opposition party the villagers themselves could literaly fish him out with much ease.

So it could have rang in his mind that as for now, it was unwise to disturb his only lone leg standing. As a teacher by profession, it is only after doing his homework on the likely impact of expelling Kasukuwere, could Mugabe deal with him.

Mugabe is known to be a forgiver who doesn’t forget, who act from his judgement and not from emotions, so until then, Kasukuwere can enjoy freedom on bail, while his boss does the impact assessment.