Zimbabwe singer  Desmond “Stunner” Chideme was attacked just moments after his on and off wife Olinda Chapel promised to deal with him.

The injured Stunner is nursing wounds sustained when unidentified people assaulted him outside a popular Harare night club on Friday night.

There are loud whispers on social media suggesting that his assailants were sent by angry ex-wife Olinda Chapel with whom he is at loggerheads.

Stunner, however, refused to discuss the identity of his attackers identity.

The incident took place a few hours after Olinda threatened to use unspecified action against Stunner in a Facebook live stream video.

“Desmond Chideme you will ask for forgiveness today. I am going to show you the power of money,” she fumed.

Chapel was overheard instructing thugs on the phone to go and do whatever they could to Stunner, as well as collect all property belonging to her from their Greendale residency.

Stunner finally walked out of his troubled marriage with the UK based businesswoman whom he accuses of being mentally unstable.