For once, forget Nelson Chamisa’s Zvadigwa Jecha talk and turn to a one Robert Pakuzvidya who has reinvented his own way of spoiling the party: the Zvadigwa Shuga act!
Yes, unlike your typical Chamisa, this one has his own unique way of spoiling the party- he hardly pours sand, but sugar- yes Sugar- to spoil it all! Pakuzvidya (43) was on Monday slapped with 16 months imprisonment for pouring sugar into his wife’s car engine to fix her for banning him from collecting daily returns at their business enterprise.
Pakuzvidya, who pleaded guilty to malicious damage charges, has Lady Luck to thank after six months to the sentence were suspended on condition that he compensates $37 000, the equivalence of damages sustained on his wife, Francesca Kasinaubare’s car.
Further to that, Mbare Magistrate Manase Musiiwa suspended the remaining months for 210 hours of community service at Blackford Primary School starting today, 10 March 2020.
According to the state outline, on February 28 around 9pm, Pakuzvidya and his wife, Kasinaubare, had a misunderstanding centered around the former’s misappropriation of money from their business venture. The court also heard that Kasinaubare told her husband that he could no longer collect the money from the same business venture they co-run.
In a fit of rage, the court heard, Pakuzvidya threatened to not only destroy their property but hurt their children as well. Later that day, Kasinaubare heard an alarm sounding from her Toyota Wish and discovered brown sugar on the car engine before notifying her mother.
They realised that it was her husband, Pakuzvidya, who had poured sugar into the engine and subsequently made a police report leading to the arrest of the accused.

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