Predicting the exact amount Sonja Madzikanda will receive from her divorce with Wicknell Chivayo is speculative without further information on their specific assets, agreements, and legal proceedings. However, based on the information provided, it seems she could potentially claim a substantial amount. The lawyer consulted mentioned several factors that could influence her claim:

  1. Assets Acquired During Marriage: Sonja may be entitled to a portion of assets acquired during their seven-year marriage, even if they are registered under Wicknell Chivayo’s name or the name of a company.
  2. Contribution to Assets: If Sonja can prove her contribution to the acquisition of assets, she may have a stronger claim.
  3. Matrimonial Home: There’s a possibility she could receive the matrimonial home, depending on the distribution of their properties.
  4. Legal Precedents: Examples from other high-profile divorces, such as those in South Africa, Australia, and the USA, illustrate the potential range of settlements in similar cases.

Given these factors, Sonja Madzikanda could potentially receive a significant sum, especially considering the duration of their marriage and any shared assets. However, the final amount will depend on various legal considerations and negotiations between the parties involved.