What President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa recently gave to Epworth residents were not Title Deeds, a pressure group has disclosed.

According to Team Pachedu, what Epworth residents were given were Title Grants, and not Title Deeds as reported.

President was Mnangagwa in Epworth recently, where he reportedly gave over 270 residents title deeds.

However, commenting on the matter, Team Pachedu said Epworth residents got Title Grants.

“Dear Epworth residents.

“A deed of grant is not a title deed,” said the pressure group.

A Deed of Grant is issued on land where there is no title deed except for a Certificate of State title. As all the land in Zimbabwe originally belonged to the State before it was bequeathed to private ownership, a Deed of Grant simply means the granting of state land to an individual (or company) as the first.

And Title deed is a registered legal document which evidences ownership in respect of a defined piece of land or building (immovable property).

Like a warranty deed, the main purpose of the grant deed is to transfer property title from one person to another, such as from a seller to a buyer. A grant deed is written evidence that you actually own your property.

The difference between a grant deed and a title deed is that the former is a transaction between two people or entities without securing the property as collateral.

A grant deed, also known in many states as a limited warranty deed or a special warranty deed, gives the grantee some, but not all, of the assurances of a general warranty deed.