Latest Zimbabwe News Update: Tomorrow’s Protest Demo by Opposition Parties

The government of President Mugabe is expecting a massive national  protest by Zimbabwe opposition parties tomorrow.

Fearing a repeat of what happened in Harare yesterday, heavily armed riot police (supported by soldiers in police uniform according to some unconfirmed reports), have been deployed in the cities of Bulawayo and Masvingo where they are expected to deal with protesters tomorrow.

A local Human Rights coordinator Masimba condemned the deployment of the police in the central business district and residential areas.

“This is a very clear case of paranoia on the part of the government for they fear that the demonstrations by the opposition parties could spill to the small towns. This is not acceptable because it stifles the peace and freedoms of residents.”

In Bulawayo, stone faced baton wielding  police officers have been observed patrolling the city since morning.

Residents expressed dismay over the deployment of the police saying President Robert Mugabe’s government is attempting to silence dissenting voices through through violence.

Meanwhile a Harare based church minister who spoke to ZimNewsNet on condition of anonymity expressed optimism that tomorrow’s protest will send ‘a clear and loud message to Mugabe and his handlers that people are fed up and ready to free themselves’.