Moses Mpofu (L) Mike Chimombe (R)

Well-connected ZANU-PF activist and ex Affirmative Action Group leader Mike Chimombe and his business partner Moses Mpofu wrote a scathing letter to ex-convict businessman Wicknell Chivhayo complaining that he had fraudulently changed their contract between South African company Ren-Form and Better Brands – Pedzisayi Scott Sakupwanya’s entity – for the US$40 million tender to supply biometric voter registration kits and other electoral materials to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) during last year’s general elections.

This is the letter which The NewsHawks quotes extensively in its exclusive investigation last week which details the corrupt ZEC deal in which invoices were inflated by up to 235%.

Chivayo is now feasting on the US$40 million tender, while keeping at bay his partners – Chimombe and Mpofu – after running away with the loot.

The flamboyant tenderpreneur, known for buying expensive top-of-the-range cars, designer clothes from world’s most glitzy shopping centres and building or purchasing mansions, is spending the money from the corrupt tender like confetti at a wedding.

The NewsHawks – as recently promised and delivered – has exposed the corrupt deal and will bring more revealing details in further investigative reports coming soon.

Moses Mpofu (left) and Mike Chimombe (right) breathing fire at Chivayo for running away with US$40 million ZEC loot.