Under-siege Drax International representative Delish Nguwaya, who is reportedly connected to the First Family, was on Tuesday denied baiil when he appeared at the magistrates court.

Harare magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti denied bail to Nguwaya, who is at the centre of a Covid19 medical scandal, on grounds that the accused had a likelihood of interfering with state witnesses and absconding.

Nguwaya’s defence team led by Tafadzwa Hungwe of Samukange and Hungwe Attorneys has already set in motion a High Court appeal.

He intially appeared for his bail hearing late Monday afternoon and was the first person to be charged in the controversial Covid-19 medical supplies scandal, now infamously known as Covidgate.

The state, led by Charles Muchemwa opposed bail citing that Nguwaya had previous convictions and was a flight risk since he was facing a lengthy jail term.

It, however, emerged after cross examination that Nguwaya has no previous convictions as previously stated in the charge sheet.

This was after the investigating officer failed to substantiate this claim that the State had used on grounds of the Form 242 charge sheet.

Hungwe had argued that Nguwaya has no reason to flee since he was not answering in his own capacity.

He argued that Nguwaya was not a director of Drax neither was he involved, at any stage, in the authoring of the documents that initiated the deal in question.

It has also emerged that contrary to earlier reports insinuating that Drax had failed security checks on two occasions, the controversy-ridden company had infact been cleared.

Corruption watchdog, Zacc, still contends that they are eager to interview Nguwaya in connection with the Covidgate scandal and press charges based on their own findings as an independent body.

Despite reports that Nguwaya is closely connected to the Mnangagwa family, the Government of Zimbabwe has since dissociated the First Family with Nguwaya.

Additional Reporting: Zwnews