Former Zanu PF Youth League boss, Godfrey Tsenengamu, who is now the leader of the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe, says his party is built on socialist ideology and can not work with main opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change CCC led by Nelson Chamisa.

“In our approach we are radical and we discovered that if we worked with Advocate Chamisa we would not achieve our goals,” he says.

Speaking during a press conference currently underway, Tsenengamu said the main political parties in the country has exhibited some shortcomings he is going to pursue.

“We have seen that these two parties are not doing anything in their strongholds so we are penetrating those spaces.

“There is no way the two major parties will get over 50% votes. The race will have three competitors and we are not going to allow a run-off,” he says.

Meanwhile, speaking about the security sector, he said it is important that the sector reforms must be instituted so that no-one can abuse the security sector for political benefits.