The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-Alliance) says President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his team are in an election-panic mode following the defects in the 2018 elections and those before it that necessitated urgent need for economic, political and electoral reforms.

Speaking during the party’s press briefing to spell out its election agenda and roadmap, MDC Alliance National Spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere said ZANU-PF is in election panic mode, hence the illegal recalls so that it gains mileage as if could not establish 2/3 majority to ensure amendments.

She urged citizens to peacefully resist attempts to establish a one party state, saying all citizens should form a broad alliance, which is the best foot forward in the fight against dictatorship.

Meanwhile, Ian Makone MDC-Alliance Secretary for Elections said Zimbabweans should focus their attention to the promotion of the necessary environment for free and fair elections.

“We do not want to go into another plebiscite which produces another contested election,” he added.

Makone said even the international community has voiced its concerns about the manner in which the country’s elections have been held.

“The reforms we are talking about are those that require changes in legislation, alignment of the Electoral Act to our constitution.

Speaking on whether the party will take part if reforms are not implemented by 2023, Makone said there is no need for the what ifs, but the focus should be sending messages for the need and necessity of electoral reforms, until that has been achieved.