Renowned Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says targeted sanctions imposed on ZANU PF leaders are a non event as shown by ruling party senior official Paul Mangwana.

“I was invited by Prof Brian Raftopoulos to a panel with ZANUPF’s Paul Mangwana and CCC’s Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume, to discuss the issue of American targeted sanctions.

“After my presentation where I disposed of the sanctions lies, Mangwana left refusing to respond,” says Chin’ono.

He adds: “There are ZANUPF politicians whose property and money (millions) were frozen in America, that is why they are angry!

“I put this to ZANUPF’s Mr Mangwana and also showed how sanctions are not an issue.

“As you shall see at the end, Mr Mangwana bolted refusing to respond.”

Apparently, Mangwana walked out saying he can’t participate in a show that is one sided.

He said at least there should have been more ZANU PF people invited on the show, rather than him alone facing a one sided panel.

In 2021, Mangwana also walked out of an anti sanctions debate, as country counted down to the Anti Sanctions Day.


The SADC region is joins Zimbabwe mark the day on the 25th of October.


Mangwana complained that he was the only one on the panel supporting the removal of sanctions.


The discussion on sanctions was moderated by South African based Prof Brian Raftopoulos.


Meanwhile, “Malawi reaffirmed its position in supporting the call for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West, four days before the SADC region marks the Anti-Sanctions Day.


Apparently, critics have chided the region and the Zimbabwean authorities for sidestepping reforms which would see sanctions against Zimbabwe being lifted.


The West is demanding critical reforms as conditions for lifting sanctions, but the government is not willing to make reforms.