Ever since Tanzania’s president endorsed inhaling steam to prevent #COVIDー19 , his people have flocked to shops selling steam machines – even though health experts say there is no evidence steam therapy has any impact on #COVIDー19.

In the video below tens of young Tanzania soldiers and police officers without masks are seen taking turns to enter a very big steaming room.

CONTROVERSIAL Tanzania President John Magufuli said that his country did not need a coronavirus lockdown because God would protect his people and suggested precautions such as steam inhalation were better than dangerous foreign vaccines.

His government stopped reporting coronavirus data in mid-2020.

“Vaccines are not good. If they were, then the white man would have brought vaccines for HIV/AIDS,” Magufuli said during the opening of a new farm in his western home region.

“We Tanzanians haven’t locked ourselves in and we don’t expect to lock ourselves down. I don’t expect to announce any lockdown because our God is living and He will continue to protect Tanzanians.”

Tanzania has not published nationwide figures since May 8, when it had 509 cases and 21 deaths, according to WHO data.

Watch Police Army Steaming Video Below: