President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been blasted by local internet users for his sentiments at a previous Zanu PF gathering where he urged Zimbabweans to ‘hustle and make money’ than ‘wasting time in the CBD holding useless demonstrations which result in arrests and the wrath of teargas from the police.

“Itai mabasa, itai mari,” said Mnangagwa at a Zanu PF rally a couple of years ago.

Mnangagwa went on to warn the gathering that engaging in legal demonstrations was a waster of time and results in arrests and the wrath of teargas used by the police to disperse dissenting crowds.


Local internet users includind teacher union, Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe reacted angrily to a short video clip placed by Zanu PF Patriots on the microblogging Twitter.

Here are selected reactions on Twitter:

So where do you expect me to make money from? Am a civil servant, I spent the whole day in class. I ask for 540us I used to get and it’s criminalized! @ARTUZ_teachers
tell @MthuliNcubeto civilize my salary. #civilservantsaresuffering-Tafadzwa Mashayamombe
What happened to “the voice of the people is the voice of God?”- Man From Vigilance
Aren’t peaceful demonstrations a fundamental democratic right?- Handy Hlatywayo
Ndopatinodzoka tobvunza kuti constitution munoiziva here nhai @edmnangagwa dambudzo…. The constitution gives citizens the right to protest peacefully saka mateargas anenge akutsvagei…newewo

@zanupf_patriots unorumbidza zvisina basa…- @dannythezimba
The message is an insult to civil servants who dedicate all their time to serve the gvt. The gvt denies them a living wage. This Chikorokoza mentality is collapsing social services.- ARTUZ