Storms are gathering, Zimbabwe’s children are coming together for a new Zimbabwe

Charles Mabhena

The Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (DARE)’s president Gilbert Dzikiti has implored the international community to closely watch President Robert Mugabe’s activities as the nation prepares for election.

His comments come on the heels of the ongoing human rights abuses, particularly the recent arrest of pastor Evan Mawarire, for his stance against Mugabe’s dictatorial rule.

Mawarire who had been in the US, was arrested by state agents at the Harare International Airport on his arrival back home.

“We remain focused and call upon the international community to fix eyes on Zimbabwe as we cross this stage. The storms are gathering, Zimbabwe’s sons and daughters are coming together for a new Zimbabwe.

“We will not fail, and History will record that Mawarire, Patson Dzamara, Fadzai Mahere, and others were part of the struggle into a Zimbabwe we want,” he says.

He urges for the instant release of Mawarire and calls for Mugabe’s government to stop the victimisation of those who aspire for a new Zimbabwe.

Dzikiti’s comments come after the US have expressed the same sentiments, warning Mugabe that it will not let him use violence or threaten citizens as the nation prepares for the national polls set for 2018.

The United States of America ambassador to Zimbabwe Henry Thomas jr expressed concern over political violence that has characterised election processes in the country, and that this is not to be accepted.

Speaking at a party to commemorate the smooth handing over of power from former US president Barack Obama to president Donald Trump held in Harare recently, Thomas said his country is aware of President Robert Mugabe’s plans to use violence in the pending elections.

He condemned the use of political violence that was witnessed during the recent by-elections held in Bikita West and added that the same should not be left to continue.

Thomas said his government will work with all institutions in the country that work towards the democratic handling of elections, so that at the end of the day it is only the wish of the people that will prevail.