Shakespeare Muzavazi

All is not well in Chief Chikwanda’s village in Masvingo where a man has  today appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Victor Muhamadi for brutally assaulting his village mate over a dollar bond coin.

Lovemore Gonese (24) vehemently attacked Admire Maringira (18) with a clenched fist on the upper part of the chin over a dollar coin that had fallen from Marangira’s pocket.

Prosecuting, Nancy Makuvise told the court thaton the 2nd day of May 2017 at Roy Business Centre at around 18:20pm, the accused and the complainant were playing pool together inside a shop.

Complainant tried to take a dollar coin from his pocket to buy a drink but it dropped on the ground and the accused picked it claiming it was his.

A misunderstanding arose between the two and complainant held accused’s bus identity card which was pinned on accused’s trousers.

The accused then held complainant’s red T-shirt by the collar strangling his neck for a few minutes and dragged him a few metres away from the shop before punching him heavily with a clenched fist on the chin.

“I do admit to the allegations that I held the T-shirt of the complainant by the neck strangling him and I did this because he was holding to my T-shirt and my badge which was on the buckle of my trousers,” said the accused

Gonese pleaded guilty before Magistrate Victor Muhamadi.

Case continues…