WATCH: Tsikamutandas aged 36 & 21 bash Matobo woman(65) over payment of 5 cows after cleansing her home…VIDEO, PICTURES

Zimbabwe Republic Police have swiftly arrested two sangomas who assaulted an elderly widow after she failed to pay them 5 beasts for a cleansing ceremony they conducted following the death of her husband in December 2022.

Cite journalist Zenzele Ndebele has shared details below:

Good news the police have arrested the two guys in this video. These guys were beating a 65-year-old woman. 

The suspects are Ngqabutho Sibanda 36years Neville Mpofu. 21years Ngqabutho Sibanda claims to be a traditional healer. Neville Mpofu is the assistant.

The woman who is being assaulted lost her husband in December 2022. In January 2023 she engaged the services of the two to come and cleanse her home following the death of her husband.The two did some rituals & charged her five beasts.

She gave them the five beasts, second hand clothes 7 metal roofing sheets, one wheelbarrow and one plank.

They claim she later reneged on her promise.