President Mnangagwa is responsible for the Corruption taking place in Government says one of his supporters & member of parliament for Norton Temba Mliswa.

In an interview with journalist Blessed Mhlanga, Mliswa said Mnangagwa is the one who appoints the corrupt politicians into office.

Mliswa has since implore legislators from ZANU-PF to move a motion inviting Mnangagwa to appear before Parliament and answer to issues of Ministers who are not performing.

Speaking earlier on, at an APNAC conference held in Bulawayo on the Fight Against Corruption, Mliswa said:

“When we accuse businessman of corruption we should extend that to scrutinise those who give them tenders and sign the necessary documentation. If you say Tagwirei is corrupt, who is giving him the tenders, the projects and so on. Who is signing the Gvt papers?”