Matopo man, Heroes Moyo, who alleges that 2 years ago Chief Justice Luke Malaba’s drive hit him with a car is demanding compensation and his bicycle back.

Speaking to Zenzele Ndebele on the Breakfast Club, a program by CiteZw this morning, Moyo said he was coming from the shops when the accident happened, adding that the driver was with the chief justice and his wife.

According to medical documents shown to the interviewer, Moyo suffered serious head injuries and was admitted for more than a week at Mpilo hospital.

Moyo also claimed that the Malabas took his bicycle supposedly for repairs, but they have not returned it since then, despite them according to Moyo pass the area more often as he heads to Kezi.

The incident is said to have happened in December 2018.

Moyo at first was hesitant to speak on camera regarding the issue, saying Malaba is a powerful person with the capacity to harm him. He was also afraid taking into account cases of enforced dissappearances which is common in Zimbabwe.

Moyo’s family members (his wife) told Ndebele that since his injury, her husband is suffering from memory loss, and that sometimes he turns violent.

Watch video below via link; courtesy of CiteZW