In a surprising twist of events, Energy Mutodi, the  controversial former Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, has announced his intention to sue opposition leader Nelson Chamisa for defamation. This development comes after a shocking video depicting a man resembling Mutodi engaging in a brutal assault on a restrained individual circulated widely on social media, leaving the nation in shock.

Undeterred by the incriminating video, Energy Mutodi took to Twitter to deny any involvement in the disturbing incident and squarely placed the blame on Nelson Chamisa and his party, the CCC. In a strongly worded tweet, he declared, “We will take legal action against CCC President Nelson Chamisa for sharing this defamatory video falsely implicating me.” Mutodi further accused the opposition party of defamation and disseminating false information to mislead the public and cast doubt on the fairness of elections.

However, Mutodi’s fallowers reminded him that “Chamisa has nothing to do with Zanu PF violence.”

As the video continued to circulate on social media platforms, users expressed disbelief at the disturbing footage and called for prompt action from the authorities. Veteran news anchor Peter Ndoro from SABC pleaded for information, saying, “Does anyone know who this person is? @EnergyMutodi has denied being involved in this brutal video. @PoliceZimbabwe must take action to address this individual. Somebody must know who this is.”

The emergence of the video has sparked public outrage, with citizens demanding a thorough investigation into the matter. This call for accountability extends not only to those involved in the violent act but also to those responsible for sharing the distressing footage, considering its potentially damaging nature.