Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure: The late Zimbabwean tycoon’s money making secret is finally out after housekeeper of 15 years came out to speak on the issue of the use of juju, snakes and sacred rooms.

Fatima Chikowore who served as Ginimbi’s maid and housekeeper since 2005 claims that there is nothing she does not know about the late businessman; and so she decided to say everything.

This comes following a lot of speculation and numerous allegations on social media regarding how Kadungure got so wealthy. Some people from across the continent have said that the horror accident that took 4 lives was a direct result of sacrifices and money making rituals gone wrong.

Zimbabwe and South Africa social media has been inundated with discussions on occultism, particularly the use of snakes and juju to become wealthy, following the death of Ginimbi. Ginimbi together with socialite Mimi Moana and 2 other associates died on Sunday after the businessman’s Rolls Royce Wraith went off the road and exploded after colliding with a Honda Fit. All four occupants of the vehicle died on the spot, with 3 of them being trapped in the burning car.

After noting the prevalence of the conversations alleging that Ginimbi had juju, snakes and sacred rooms at his Domboshava mansion just outside the capital, Ginimbi’s housekeeper decided to set the record straight. She said that the issue has been burning up inside her and that she has been looking for an opportunity to set the record straight.

Fatima Chikowore insisted that Genius Kadungure was very open about his possessions and that there were no sacred rooms at his mansion as claimed by some. Chikowere said that she was free to access every part of the property and had never come across snakes, juju or any other paraphernalia commonly associated with the occult.

She went on to say that her late boss was a very hard working man who seized opportunities, which is how he had grown his fortune.

You can listen to her speaking to national broadcaster ZBC below: