HARARE: Nelson Chamisa is more popular and likable than Emmerson D Mnangagwa, more than 60% of voters will select him against ED Mnangagwa who only has a paltry minus 30% support across the country.

That is why Team ED will manipulate votes at certain  polling stations otherwise he is Jobless this time next week, a highly connected former State Media editor has revealed shocking rigging plans and methods about to be used to make sure Chamisa does not become Zimbabwe’s next president even if more than half the country’s voters elect him to lead the country on 30 July, 2018.

Former government employee and Herald editor, Mr Edmund Kudzayi of the Baba Jukwa firm, revealed some details that even opposition leaders and people in government ranks might not be aware of.

He warned that people like Joice Mujuru did not even know what was actually happening and only a handful know exactly how Zanu PF riggs.

Kudzayi hinted that Zanu PF is behind the disappearing ballot paper ink rumour to keep opposition distracted from the real thing suggesting rigging will be done the Russian style; that is ballot staffing and multiple voting by Zanu PF agents on behalf of ghost voters.

He revealed that there are more than 650 000 registered voters who do not exist. If you go to their address no-one knows about them.

Said Kudzayi:

Zanu PF is planning to give three presidential ballots in specific rural areas. As you’ll know @Pachedu2018 and @ZESN1 have identified a mystery 11% (650,000) voters that can’t be located. The question is what Zanu PF wants to do with those 650,000 ghosts.

It’s a desperate last ditch effort to secure the Presidency. Zimbabwe is a presidential democracy and even without parliament they can govern. Even if uncomfortably. It’ll require lots of work. Only the military has the capacity to pull off the logistics.

I’ve done my part Zimbabwe. I have no people that I can marshal. It’s now up to Douglas Mwonzora and Nelson Chamisa to stop this. The only thing I ask for are your prayers. We will prevail.